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What is Take5?


When you think of a classical music concert, which words first come to mind? High-brow? Poetic? Erudite? What about informative? Relaxing? Entertaining? Have you ever felt that you didn’t know enough about classical music to be able to speak about it with “experts”?

We feel that classical music is some of the greatest music ever written; not only does it uplift the spirits, it also challenges the mind. This may partly explain how an academic culture that has developed around art music, thereby encouraging a rift between the music and audiences. So often, our culture makes us think that we have to choose between enrichment and entertainment. If it’s fun, (so the argument goes) it must not be good for me!

              Dr. Alex McDonald engaging an audience during a performance

We at Take5 think classical concerts should be both of these things—both inspiring and enjoyable, informative and entertaining. It is our experience that knowing something about the music unlocks the experience for everyone. That’s why we have founded Take5. Since we both have doctorates, we can bring you the most current and interesting facts and provide an informed listening experience. Also, we try to include a light reception, not after, but during the concert, so you can enjoy some wine and cheese while we talk about what it is that makes Beethoven so incredible to listen to—followed by a riveting performance. If you have ears, you’ll love classical music!

And because we feel that music is the universal language, we make all our concerts completely free.

We hope that you will “take 5” with us as we explore some of the greatest music ever written!